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Preview: 'Man of Steel' trailer released

Anyone glued to the Twittersphere last week will have been bombarded with news that the first trailer for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel (2013) had made its debut at San Diego's Comic-Con. The trailer has now officially made it onto the world wide web, and can be watched below. We've also provided a full description of what you can see on show in the public teaser, and which aspects were reserved solely for the folks at Comic-Con. We see a lot of Clark Kent (played by Brit Henry Cavill) as a youngster in Smallville, there's a couple of voiceovers from his two fathers Jonathan Kent ( Kevin Costner) and Jor-El (Russell Crowe) giving him advice and even (in the Comic-Con trailer) a glimpse of Kal-El's spaceship landing at the Kent farm.

So far so standard - but it all looks great. It's clear that Snyder has taken a leaf out of producer Nolan's book. This will not be the blue screen CGI-fest of 300 (2006) or Sucker Punch (2011). Naturally, the special effects will be numerous and what little we see looks mightily impressive at this early stage, but we're going to get a lot more live action throughout this latest incarnation.

Also exclusive to the Comic-Con trailer, we get snippets of the Hans Zimmer original score, some moody shots of Superman in his famous red cape battling unnamed foes, a flash of Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and another glimpse of General Zod (Michael Shannon). The narration seems to suggest that Superman's presence on Earth is unwanted, and that he'll possibly be an alienated alien fighting for acceptance.

Those who were at Comic-Con and saw the trailer tweeted reports that some audience members were overcome with emotion and started weeping into their Starbucks. Though the leaked Comic-Con footage was barely watchable, this new official teaser at least helps to fill in some of the gaps, presenting Clark's rural childhood with the Kents, trawler-fishing and all.

Man of Steel is due for release in UK cinemas on 14 June, 2013.

Lee Cassanell
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