Independence Day: The Aliens Are Coming

To celebrate the release of Roland Emmerich's Independence Day: Resurgence in Vue cinemas nationwide this week, Vue Entertainment has scoured the country for members of the general public willing to nail their colours to the mast on the big question of our time.

No, not whether they are 'Leave' or 'Remain' but whether they believe in extra-terrestrial lifeforms. Want to find out more about what's really out there? Then check out Vue's video about alien conspiracy theories from acclaimed sci-fi writer James Swallow, in order to arm yourself with tips to survive an increasingly likely alien abduction.

One in six people have reported to seeing a UFO - rising to a third of 18-24 year-olds - and four in ten of us think that UFO’s have previously landed in the UK. This peaks in London, with more than half of Londoners believing UFOs have landed on Earth. Conspiracy theories are rife with over half of us believing that there are people out there who know more about aliens than they claim to. If this happened today, one in four of us would head into the countryside to escape alien invasion with the Scottish Highlands being deemed the number one safest spot, while Glasgow was the least considered (less than 1%). Does this mean that Glasgow is the aliens' preferred destination?

20 years have passed since the original Independence Day battle between alien and man. Earth may have won, but the invaders haven’t completely vanquished. The aliens are back and more determined than in ever in Independence Day: Resurgence. Having spent the last two decades preparing for a larger scale attack, Earth is about to face its biggest challenge yet. Jeff Goldblum reprises his role as David Levinson and Liam Hemsworth is welcomed to the franchise as Jake.

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