Special Feature: Posters for the home

Our homes are reflections of who we are as people, so it's natural to want your interior décor to reflect your interests. For those of us who are dyed-in-the-wool movie buffs, we're lucky to have a huge range of different ways to show off our taste in films around the house. Of course, there's the classic movie poster - some of the most iconic films of the last hundred years also boast artwork that's nearly as iconic as the film itself. Whether you're fan of 1975's Jaws, you love a bit of Alfred Hitchcock or you identify with Audrey Hepburn, an original film poster shows off your dedication to movie fandom as well as your love of a particular film.

Stills from films can also make great wall art for your home; it's even possible to buy original cells of film from some older productions which were shot on film. It's a great way to display your geeky affection for a specific scene or actor. By choosing a canvas print on which to display a memorable scene, you can go for an option that's slightly classier than a poster and still show off your cinephilia. It's also crucial to pick appropriate artwork for different rooms in the house. While a still of Jack Nicholson in 1980's The Shining might look the part in a living room, it might give you nightmares in a bedroom.

Likewise, a fun and colourful Pixar poster could add a pop of colour to your child's bedroom, but might look out of place in a refined dining room. It's not just reproductions of parts of the film that can make for attractive décor, however. One option is to find an artist doing stylised images that reference your favourite film. Sellers on Etsy offer Harry Potter movie posters re-imagined in minimalist vectors and stylised versions of your favourite Avengers characters. You can even find movie posters that have been created in the style of Penguin Classic covers. There's cinema-inspired art for all sorts of tastes, you just have to look. For something specifically tailored to you, find a seller who offers personalisation - you could end up with movie art on your walls that's totally unique. Not all art hangs on walls of course, and there are loads of other ways to put a silver-screen inspired stamp on your interiors. Collectors' items like action figures, vinyl dolls and other memorabilia are no longer the taboo that they used to be in 'grown-up' life and they could be an inspired way to add an eclectic and characteristic twist to your home. There are lots of ways to have a lot of fun with movie art, whether it's self-referential like a stylised piece of original art, or fun like a collection of memorabilia from your favourite flick.


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